Custom Orders

Here at Love Minkarah Studios, where we brainstorm, design, and make all of our clothing by hand using quality fabrics and materials, we love to cater to our customers ideas and preferences. We understand that everyone has their personal tastes and we want to accommodate that as much as we can. So we offer the option to have some of our pieces customized. What that means is if you see something that you really like but you want it to be shorter or longer in length then we can customize that for you. The customizing that we offer are: 

1) Shorten or lengthen the length of our dresses and skirts 

2) Shorten or lengthen the sleeves on dresses and tops

3)Shorten or lengthen the length of pants

Once your order is placed, email us at with your order number and the name of the piece/s you want to have customized. Tell us what you would like customized to you piece/s. You must provide the correct number of inches you would like your garment to be. For example, if you want a short sleeve top to have long sleeves, please provide the exact sleeve length in inches from the top of your shoulder to your wrist that you would like. We will get back with you with any further questions and details. 

Thank you, 


Love Minkarah