As Salaam Alaikum- The Meaning Of

“As-Salaam Alaikum. A greeting that is taught by Allah(G-d) in the Holy Qur’an(Pure Word of G-d)That is Peace be on you or upon you.”

What does being at peace and the importance of extending peace to your environment as a Muslim, a believer, to create an atmosphere that values the dignity of all, mean for mankind? 

This greeting describes a sacred obligation, and as Muslims we are required to respond to it with the likeness of it or better. We do not have any Islamic authority to alter this greeting. "How are you?" is not the Islamic greeting. Our greeting implies that you have to get yourself in the shape to carry and promote the obligation of peace. If we greet each other with knowledge of the demand that is put on us, we will not have to ask one another what our condition is. The obligation to meet the requirement of the greeting is sufficient to challenge us to present ourselves in the most decent way to each other. We will not have any intention to lie or cheat or misrepresent our intentions if we are conscious of the sacred obligation and contract we are entering into with G'd and each other when we use this blessed greeting. These straight-forward principles that are a part of our Islamic life are a healing in the life of man, if we will understand it. If we teach our children the weighted significance of these principles and ideas they will carry them forward in every aspect of their lives, and the society can be remade and be sustained in the way that G'd planned it, with man as a trusted, favored ruler. 

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Written by Ayesha Akbar- The People Of Imam W.Deen Mohammed and

Imam Earl Abdulmalik Mohammed- Representative Of Imam W. Deen Mohammed 

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